Digital Product Management & Technical Project Management


Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with business, technical and creative teams to deliver a broad range of software solutions and media products. I’ve worked for award-winning interactive media start-ups, nonprofits and major research universities.

In the early dot-com days, I helped launch large-scale media convergence initiatives. My colleagues and I were among the first to experiment with integrated production for web, television and print. At MSNBC’s nightly news show The Site, I managed technical production for an award-winning website, and served as digital puppeteer for animated character Dev Null. I helped launch a cable network, TechTV, where I managed a motion-capture real-time animation studio, and won two regional Emmys as senior producer. At startup RespondTV, I led production of interactive television campaigns for national brands.

At TechSoup, an international nonprofit, I managed ecommerce systems for a rapidly expanding charitable technology donation program in partnership with Microsoft, Cisco and others. I consulted with open access publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS) to establish procedures for upgrading and managing their epublishing systems.

Most recently, I held senior product management roles at two major research universities. At the University of California San Francisco, I drove development of web applications to facilitate collaboration and promote innovation in biomedical research. At the University of Chicago, I led product development for integrated platforms and services in support of teaching and learning.


art practice

(nifty gallery with more images coming soon)

photo of artwork
chicken blanket inverted vector
woven cotton, 60 x 50"
photo of artwork
bear blanket inverted
dye sublimation on fleece, 60 x 50"